Series Name Dist. Sur. Gra. Time Weath. Cou. Ran Date
[WT:UK] 1000 Guineas (Fillies Only) 8.0F GIII 1:33.3 Clear Firm 2016-06-18
[WT:UK] 2000 Guineas Stakes 8.0F GIII 1:34.3 Partly cloudy, showers Good 2016-06-09
A Sound of Thunder Handicap 9.5F GIII 2015-11-12
A Thief's End Handicap 9.0F GII 2016-04-23
Above and Below Handicap 8.0F GIII 2015-07-24
[TT] Acorn Stakes 8.0F All 1:36.7 Clear Fast 2016-06-12
Acorn Stakes 8.0F All 2014-05-31
Affirmed Handicap 10.0F GIII 2015-07-30
Aga Khan Handicap 15.0F OL 2015-01-12
[DWC] Al Shindagha Sprint 6.0F GIII TBA
All Comers Stakes 11.0F GII 2015-03-06
All Hallows Handicap 12.0F GIII 2014-10-11
[MGC] Allen's Landing Stakes 6.0F All 2015-01-31
Alley Oop Stakes 10.0F GIII 2015-11-15
Alphabet Soup Stakes 11.5F GIII 2015-10-23
Animal Kingdom Handicap 10.0F GIII 2015-03-06
[MSW] Apirl 27 Maiden Dash 12.0F OL 2016-05-07
[MSW] Apirl 27 Under 66 17.0F OL 2016-05-07
[AOC/NW] Apr. 7th Allowance, 3 or less wins 12.0F All 2015-04-13
[AOC/NW] April 19 Under 70 9.0F GIII 2016-04-21
[AOC/NW] April 20 Under 75 10.0F GIII 2016-04-23
[AOC/NW] April 21 Under 70 10.0F GIII 2016-04-23
[AOC/NW] April 21 Under 75 8.0F GIII 2016-04-24
[AOC/NW] April 23 Under 75 8.0F GIII 2016-04-25
[MSW] April 27 7.0F OL 2016-04-27
[MSW] April 27 8.0F OL 2016-04-27
Arctic Blast Bash Handicap 11.5F OL 2015-02-27
Arctic Blast Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 1:11.3 Snow Good 2014-01-18
[TC] Arkansas Derby 9.0F All 2015-02-15
[TC] Arkansas Derby 9.0F All 1:48.4 Rain Sloppy 2014-02-15
Arlington Handicap 12.0F OL 2015-07-27
[TT] Ashland Stakes 8.5F All 2016-04-01
[TT] Ashland Stakes 8.0F All 1:39.9 Cloudy Fast 2014-03-31
Atlantic City Derby 10.0F OL 2:02.5 Cloudy Muddy 2013-12-30
[F] Atlantic Princess Handicap 9.0F GIII 2014-12-18
[MSW] Aug 26 Maiden Special Weight 9.0F OL 2014-08-26
[AOC/NW] Aug 26 Non Winners of Three Allowance 8.5F OL 2013-08-26
[AOC/NW] August 18 9.0F All 2015-08-29
[MSW] August 30 9.0F OL 2015-08-30
[MSW] August 31 8.0F OL 2015-09-01
[MSW] August 7 9.0F OL 2015-08-18
[MSW] Avery 8.0F OL 2016-04-15
Away They Go Stakes 15.0F GIII 2014-11-07
Back to School Dash 6.0F OL 2012-08-26
Back to School Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2014-08-26
Ballroom Blitz Stakes 10.0F OL 2:04.9 Clear Fast 2014-03-13
[LC] Bara Lass Stakes 10.0F All 2016-01-19
[LC] Bara Lass Stakes 6.0F All 2016-01-20
[LC] Bara Lass Stakes - 8.0f turf, Fillies only LC prep 8.0F GIII 1:37.0 Cloudy Good 2017-01-25
[TC] Barbaro Stakes 10.0F All 2011-03-25
Be Bullish Stakes 9.0F GIII 2015-01-04
Beauty and the Beast Stakes 6.0F OL 2016-04-25
[F] Beauty Queen Stakes 9.5F OL 2012-01-31
[LC] Belle Of Texas Fillys 8.5F All 2016-01-21
Belmont Gold Cup 12.0F GIII 2015-05-31
[TC] Belmont Stakes 12.0F All 2:31.4 Overcast Fast 2016-06-12
Belmont Stakes 12.0F All 2014-05-31
Best In Show 9.0F OL 2016-04-21
Better Talk Now Stakes 7.5F GIII 2015-02-09
Beyond The Wall Stakes 15.0F GIII 2014-05-01
Big Boss Handicap 8.0F OL 2015-10-19
[F] Black Eyed Susan Stakes 9.0F All 1:48.7 Clear Good 2014-05-11
Black Hills Gold Gup 15.0F OL 2014-06-23
Black Hills Handicap 15.0F GIII 3:03.7 Clear Good 2014-01-16
[TT] Black-Eyed Susan Stakes 9.0F All 1:50.1 Clear Fast 2016-05-20
Blaze of Glory Stakes 10.0F GIII 2015-10-20
Blizzard Black Eye Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-03-06
[F] Boardwalk Distaff 10.0F GIII 2014-09-11
Boardwalk Distaff Stakes 8.0F GIII 2015-09-08
[BC] Bold Ruler Handicap 6.0F All 2014-08-17
[BC] Bold Ruler Handicap 6.0F All 2016-04-23
Bold Ruler Marathon 15.0F OL 2012-01-25
[LC] Brandy Alexandera's Stakes 12.0F All 2015-01-22
Breath of Winter Stakes 12.0F OL 2014-11-03
[WT:C] Breeders' Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-05-30
Breyer ELCR Dash 11.0F All 2012-03-18
Buffalo Shuffle Sprint Stakes 6.0F GIII 2014-11-21
Burn Notice Stakes 15.0F GIII 2015-03-06
Burnin' From the Start Stakes 9.0F GIII 2016-03-23
Burnout Handicap 9.0F OL 2014-06-15
[BC] Busher Handicap 9.5F All 2015-07-26
Butterfly Effect Stakes 10.0F OL 2016-03-28
California Chrome Stakes 10.0F GIII 2015-01-19
[BC] California Flag Handicap 6.0F All 2014-09-15
[BC] California Flag Handicap 6.0F All 2015-09-18
[MSW] Callie Cat 8.0F OL 2016-04-17
Calumet Breeders Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-11-08
[WT:C] Canada Classic Dirt Qualifer 10.0F All 2:00.7 Raining Sloppy 2016-05-31
[WT:C] Canada Distaff Classic (Fillies Only) 9.0F All 1:49.8 Clear Fast 2016-06-01
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Dirt Mile Qualifier 8.0F All 1:36.4 Clear Fast 2016-06-01
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Females Qualifier 9.0F All 1:51.3 2016-05-30
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Males Qualifier 10.0F All 2:04.4 2016-05-30
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Marathon Qualifier 15.0F All 3:04.7 Cloudy Fast 2016-05-31
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Marathon Qualifier 15.0F All 3:04.7 Cloudy Fast 2016-05-30
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Turf Mile Qualifier 8.0F All 1:33.5 Sunny Firm 2016-05-31
[WT:C] Canada Juvenile Turf Qualifier 12.0F All 2:23.6 Clear Fast 2016-06-01
[WT:C] Canada Mile Dirt Qualifer 8.0F All 1:34.5 Cloudy Fast 2016-05-21
[WT:C] Canada Mile Turf Qualifier 8.0F All 1:35.7 Cloudy Fast 2016-05-24
[WT:C] Canada Sprint Qualifier 6.0F All 1:11.2 Sunny Fast 2016-05-31
[WT:C] Canada Turf Classic Qualifier 12.0F All 2:23.1 Sunny Firm 2016-05-31
Canturbury Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-07-27
[MSW] Caramel Cocoa 6.0F OL 2016-04-13
Celtic Bride Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-05-24
[BC] Chamberlain Bridge Handicap 6.0F All 2014-10-04
Cheap Thrills Stakes 9.0F GIII 2016-04-14
[F] Chicago Oaks - Completed 8.5F GIII 1:41.2 Rain Sloppy 2013-12-12
[BC] Chippindales Stakes - Colts Only 10.5F All 2011-01-13
[BC] Cigar Handicap 10.0F All 2015-08-03
[BC] Cigar Handicap 10.0F All 2014-08-02
[TC] Citation Memorial 12.0F All 2011-05-02
Citation Stakes 9.0F OL 2011-08-08
City of Bones Handicap 15.0F GIII TBA
Claiborne Futurity Stakes 9.0F OL 2015-11-01
[BC] Classic 10.0F All 2015-10-25
[BC] Classic 10.0F All 2014-10-25
[LC] Classy Lady Sprint 7.0F All 2015-01-22
Close Encounters Handicap 12.0F GIII 2014-08-15
[BC] Coaltown Handicap 8.0F All 2015-03-18
[BC] Coaltown Handicap 8.0F All 2014-10-04
Cold As Ice Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-02-05
Cold Snap Handicap 12.5F OL 2:31.2 Clear Good 2014-01-18
Come So Far Handicap 15.0F OL 2014-12-28
Come What May Stakes 6.0F GIII 2015-09-22
[BC] Corinthian Stakes 8.0F All 2015-09-18
[BC] Corinthian Stakes 8.0F All 2014-09-23
Cry Baby Stakes 8.0F GIII 2016-04-24
[BC] Da Hoss Handicap 7.5F All 2014-09-15
[BC] Da Hoss Handicap 7.5F All 2015-09-18
Dallas Round up Dash 8.0F OL 2012-02-12
[BC] Danehill Memorial Stakes 7.0F All 2014-09-08
[BC] Danehill Memorial Stakes 7.0F All 2015-09-12
[TT] Davona Dale Stakes 8.5F All 2015-01-31
[TT] Davona Dale Stakes 8.5F All 1:43.5 Clear Fast 2014-02-01
Dead Man's Sprint Stakes 7.0F GIII 2015-10-20
Deathly Hallows Maiden Race 6.0F OL 2011-06-05
[MSW] Dec 1 Maiden Special Weight 9.0F OL 2014-12-01
[AOC/NW] Dec 1 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 9.0F OL 2014-12-01
[MSW] Dec 12 8.0F OL 2015-12-12
[MSW] Dec 27 Maiden Special Weight 8.0F OL 2014-12-27
[AOC/NW] Dec 27 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 10.0F OL 2014-12-27
[MSW] Dec 30 Maiden Special Weight 10.0F OL 1:59.5 Clear Good 2013-12-30
Del Rio Marathon 16.0F OL 2012-02-12
Derby Scurvy Stakes 9.5F GIII 1:59.9 Rain Muddy 2014-02-17
Derby Time 12.5F All 2011-05-27
Derby Time 10.5F GIII 2012-03-12
Derby Trial Stakes 9.0F OL 1:50.3 Cloudy Good 2014-05-01
Destiny Awaits Handicap 10.5F OL 2014-11-19
Devil Diver Stakes 7.0F GIII 2015-03-06
Devil's House Handicap 8.5F OL 2015-10-23
Diamond Dog Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-10-19
Digging Dinosaurs Handicap 11.5F OL 2015-09-30
Dinosaur Trap Handicap 12.0F OL 2014-09-12
[BC] Dirt Mile 8.0F All 2015-11-01
[BC] Dirt Mile 8.0F All 2014-10-25
[BC] Dirt Sprint 7.0F All 2015-11-01
Dirty Deeds Stakes 8.0F GIII 1:35.6 Clear Fast 2014-03-13
Discovery Handicap 10.0F GIII 2014-10-23
[BC] Distaff 9.0F All 2014-10-25
[BC] Distaff 9.0F All 2015-11-01
Distorted Humor Stakes 12.5F GIII 2014-06-20
Do or Do Not Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-09-22
Double Trouble Marathon Stakes 15.0F OL 3:07.0 Clear Yielding 2014-04-13
Down and Out Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-09-02
Downpour Stakes 6.0F OL 2015-03-06
[BC] Dr. Fager Memorial Stakes 7.0F All 2014-08-10
[BC] Dr. Fager Memorial Stakes 7.0F All 2015-08-16
[F] Dreaming of Lilies Stakes 9.0F OL 2015-01-12
[WT:UAE] Dubai Classic 10.0F GIII 2015-07-05
Dubai Millenium Stakes 10.0F GIII TBA
Dynaformer Handicap 12.0F OL 2015-01-07
Eclipse Gold Cup 15.0F GIII 2015-01-23
Empire State Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-05-31
[BC] English Channel Handicap 12.0F All 2015-07-19
[WT:UK] Epsom Derby 12.0F GIII 2:23.5 Sunny Good 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] Epsom Oaks (Fillies Only) 12.0F GIII 2:25.1 Clear Firm 2016-06-18
Escapedfromnewyork Handicap 11.0F OL 2015-01-21
Eveready Handicap 8.0F OL 2015-12-13
Evergleam Stakes 8.0F GIII 2015-06-29
Eye of the Storm Handicap 9.0F OL 2014-12-05
Faint at Heart Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-03-31
Fair Weather Marathon 15.5F OL 2012-02-06
[TT] Fairground Oaks 8.5F All 2016-03-18
[TT] Fairground Oaks 8.5F All 2016-03-15
[TT] Fairground Oaks 8.5F All 1:44.3 Clear Fast 2014-03-15
Fall Back Handicap 9.0F GIII 2014-11-07
Fall Classic 12.5F GIII 2012-08-26
Fall Handicap Classic 8.5F GIII 2015-11-15
Falsehoods Stakes 8.0F GII 2016-04-12
Fancy Free Stakes 13.0F OL 2015-08-30
Faraway Coast Handicap 12.5F OL 2:31.5 Clear Firm 2014-02-17
Faster Than Light Handicap 10.0F GIII 2014-09-17
Fear The Tides Handicap 12.0F OL 2015-01-27
[AOC/NW] Feb 4 NW x 2 / Optional Claimer 7.0F All 2015-02-09
[AOC/NW] Feb 4 NW x 3 / Optional Claimer 8.0F All 2015-02-05
[AOC/NW] Feb 8 NW x 3 / Optional Claimer 10.0F All 2015-02-09
[AOC/NW] Feb 9 Under 70 Allowance 9.0F GIII 2015-02-10
[AOC/NW] Feb. 1 Non winner/Optional Claiming - Less than 3 wins AOC 10.0F All 2015-02-01
[MSW] Feb. 17 8.0F OL 2015-02-17
[AOC/NW] Feb. 17 Under 70 Allowance 3 wins or less 12.5F All 2015-02-17
[BC] Filly & Mare 10.0F All 2015-11-01
[BC] Filly & Mare Turf 10.0F All 2014-10-25
Fire and Ice Handicap 12.5F GIII 2:29.7 Cloudy Firm 2014-01-07
[DWC] Firebreak Stakes 8.0F GIII 2016-03-14
First Frost Stakes 6.0F GIII 2014-09-17
[BC] Flawlessly Memorial Handicap 10.0F All 2014-08-17
[BC] Flawlessly Memorial Handicap 10.0F All 2015-09-23
[TC] Florida Derby 9.0F All 2015-02-28
[TC] Florida Derby 9.0F All 1:50.3 Clear Good 2014-03-02
Folkstone Stakes 17.0F OL 2011-06-05
Follow The Leader Stakes 11.0F GIII 2:11.1 Clear Good 2014-01-16
[BC] Forego Stakes 7.0F All 2014-09-08
[BC] Forego Stakes 7.0F All 2015-09-12
[TC] Fountain of Youth 9.0F All 2016-03-14
[TC] Fountain of Youth 9.0F All 1:52.1 Clear Fast 2014-03-15
[TC] Fountain of Youth - COMPLETED!, 9F Dirt 9.0F All 2015-03-15
[BC] Frankel Handicap 8.0F All 2015-09-26
[BC] Frankel Handicap 8.0F All 2014-10-04
[MGC] Frontier Gentelman Stakes 10.0F All 2015-02-06
[LC] Frontier Utilities Turf Sprt - 10.0f turf, Fillies LC 10.0F GIII 2:00.3 Cloudy Good 2017-01-25
Fucidin Stakes 15.0F OL 2016-04-15
Funny Bone Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-07-08
Game On Dude Handicap 9.0F GIII 2016-03-18
Garden State Handicap 12.5F OL 2014-05-17
[TC] Gazelle Stakes 9.0F All 1:48.7 Clear Fast 2014-04-13
[TT] Gazelle Stakes 9.0F All 2016-04-15
[BC] Gentildonna Handicap 10.0F All 2014-08-31
Getalong lil Doggies Sprint 6.0F OL 2012-02-21
Ghost of Me Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-09-22
Giant's Causeway Stakes 12.0F GIII 2015-01-04
Go For Broke Stakes 9.0F GII 2014-11-19
[BC] Go For Wand Memorial Handicap 8.5F All 2014-08-02
[BC] Go For Wand Memorial Handicap 8.5F All 2015-08-10
Godolphin Mile 8.0F GII 2014-08-06
Going Bonkers Handicap 7.0F GIII 1:22.0 Cloudy Firm 2014-02-17
Going Commando Stakes 8.0F GIII 2016-04-19
[ME] Going For the Crown 14.0F All 2012-03-07
Going Long Stakes 12.0F OL 2011-03-21
Gold Diggers Dash 10.0F OL 2012-02-24
Gold on the Ceiling Handicap 12.0F GIII 2:24.1 Clear Firm 2014-01-01
Gold Rush Stakes 7.0F GIII 2015-11-21
[TC] Gold Standard Dash 10.0F All 2011-05-25
Golden Sun Race 10.0F OL 2011-05-02
[BC] Goldikova Stakes 8.0F All 2015-09-15
[BC] Goldikova Stakes 8.0F All 2014-09-23
Goodbye Saratoga Stakes 9.0F OL 2014-08-26
[AOC/NW] Got Game Stakes, Under 85 8.5F GII 2016-01-26
Gotham Rising Stakes 10.5F GIII 2015-02-05
Green Tea Handicap 9.0F GIII 2016-04-25
[MGC] Groovy Stakes 7.0F All 2015-01-23
[MGC] Groovy Stakes - 8.0f dirt, Colts only MGC prep 8.0F GIII 1:33.9 Cloudy Muddy/Yield 2017-01-19
[MGC] Groovy Stakes Colts 12.0F All 2016-01-21
Groupie Doll Stakes 8.0F GIII 2015-11-20
[BC] Gulch Handicap 7.0F All 2014-08-31
[BC] Gulch Handicap 7.0F All 2015-09-05
[TT] Gulfstream Park Oaks 9.0F All 2015-02-28
[TT] Gulfstream Park Oaks 9.0F All 1:49.0 Clear Good 2014-03-02
Gum Bar Classic 10.0F OL 2011-08-12
Guns Blazing Stakes 7.0F GIII 2016-03-16
Halloween Classic Stakes 10.0F GIII 2015-10-30
Happy Trails Mile Stakes 8.0F GIII 2014-10-11
Hard Knock Stakes 12.0F OL 2014-08-26
Hard To Catch Handicap 7.0F OL 1:22.2 Clear Firm 2014-01-15
Haunted Hullabaloo Handicap 7.0F GIII 2015-09-22
Haypenny Handicap 8.5F OL 2015-09-02
Headless Horseman Stakes 9.0F GIII 2016-04-09
Heart and Soul Stakes 9.0F GIII 2015-10-02
Heart in Stone Handicap 15.0F GIII 2015-08-27
Heart of the Hills Handicap 9.0F GII 2014-06-20
[F] Heart of the Storm Distaff 8.0F GIII 1:35.3 Clear Fast 2014-01-22
Heart of the Storm Sprint Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-01-02
Heart On Your Sleeve Stakes 7.5F GIII 2015-09-16
Heartfelt Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2014-11-03
Heartspark Handicap 7.0F OL 2015-07-06
Heaven Knows Handicap 12.5F OL 2014-12-05
Hell or Highwater Handicap 10.0F OL 2014-05-17
Hold The Phone Handicap 12.5F GIII 2:30.2 Clear Firm 2014-02-02
Holiday Cheer Sprint 6.0F GIII 2011-12-30
Holly Jolly Sprint Stakes 7.5F GIII 1:28.4 Clear Firm 2013-12-20
Home for the Holiday Sprint 6.0F All 2011-11-29
Hop Skip Jump Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-02-01
Horse O Rama Sprint 8.0F GII 2012-03-12
Hot Springs Stakes 6.0F GIII 2014-06-20
Hot to Trot Stakes 12.5F OL 2015-09-18
[MGC] Houston Distaff Stakes, 8.5F Dirt G3 - COLTS MGC prep 8.5F GIII 1:43.8 Cloudy Firm 2017-02-03
[LC] Houston Ladies Classic 9.0F All 2015-01-24
Houston Trail Stakes 10.5F OL 2012-02-12
Hurricane Hustle Handicap 7.0F GIII 2015-10-08
Iam Back Stakes 10.0F OL 2012-08-01
Ice and Fire Handicap 8.0F GII 2015-07-30
Ice and Snow Handicap 10.0F GII 2014-11-03
Ice and Snow Marathon Stakes 15.0F GIII 3:03.2 Clear Good 2014-01-22
[F] Illini Princess Handicap 8.5F OL 2014-11-19
Into The Sunset Stakes 12.5F OL 2014-06-15
Jack Be Nimble Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-09-09
Jack Frost Handicap 12.0F GIII 2014-12-11
Jack Frost Handicap 7.5F OL 1:29.4 Snow Soft 2014-01-29
[MSW] Jan 1 7.0F OL 2015-01-01
[AOC/NW] Jan 1 NW x3 9.0F OL 2015-01-01
[MSW] Jan 10 9.0F OL 2015-01-11
[AOC/NW] Jan 10 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 10.5F OL 2015-01-11
Jan 15 Under 70 Starter Allowance 8.0F GIII 2015-01-15
[MSW] Jan 18 Maiden Special Weight 8.5F OL 2015-01-19
[AOC/NW] Jan 18 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 7.0F OL 2015-01-19
Jan 20 Under 70 Starter Allowance 8.0F GIII 2015-01-21
[MSW] Jan 22 Maiden Special Weight 10.0F OL 2015-01-22
[AOC/NW] Jan 22 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 9.0F OL 2015-01-22
Jan 24 Under 70 Starter Allowance 9.0F GIII 2015-01-24
[AOC/NW] Jan 24. 2 wins less 10.0F All 2016-01-24
[MSW] Jan 26 Maiden Special Weight 12.0F OL 2015-01-26
[AOC/NW] Jan 26 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 9.0F OL 2015-01-26
[AOC/NW] Jan 27 Under 70 Allowance 8.0F GIII 2015-01-27
[MSW] Jan 29 Maiden Special Weight 8.0F OL 1:40.8 Clear Fast 2014-01-29
[AOC/NW] Jan 31 Non Winners of 3 / Optional Claiming 9.0F All 2015-01-31
[AOC/NW] Jan 4 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 10.0F OL 2015-01-04
[MSW] Jan 9 Maiden Special Weight 7.0F OL 2015-01-09
[AOC/NW] Jan. 24 OL 1 win / less 69 and Under 7.0F OL 2016-01-24
[MGC] Jim Orbits Stakes, 9.5F Dirt, G3 Colts - MGC prep. 9.5F GIII 2:00.9 Cloudy Good 2017-02-03
Jinxing Me Handicap 9.0F GII 2015-02-09
[MGC] John Connelly Stakes - 10.0f dirt, Colts only MGC prep 10.0F GIII 2:02.3 Cloudy Muddy/Yeld 2017-01-15
John Henry Handicap 11.0F GIII 2014-07-19
[TC] John Henry Stakes 6.0F All 2011-04-09
Journey to Nix Handicap 12.0F OL 2:25.9 Cloudy Soft 2014-05-01
[MSW] July 12 9.0F OL 2015-07-23
[AOC/NW] July 13 NW x 2/Optional Claiming 10.0F OL 2015-08-18
[MSW] July 24 8.0F OL 2015-08-07
[MSW] July 30 Maiden Special Weight 7.0F OL 2014-07-30
July 30 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 10.0F OL 2014-07-30
[MSW] June 20 Maiden Special Weight 8.0F OL 2014-06-20
[AOC/NW] June 20 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 8.0F OL 2014-06-20
Kats Back Dash 8.8F GIII 2012-08-26
Keeneland Fall Classic Stakes 9.0F GIII 2014-10-11
Kelso Handicap 7.0F GII 2014-12-18
[TC] Kentucky Derby 10.0F All 2016-05-02
[TC] Kentucky Derby 10.0F All 2:05.0 Clear Fast 2014-04-26
[TT] Kentucky Oaks 9.0F All 1:49.6 Sunny Fast 2016-05-06
[TT] Kentucky Oaks 9.0F All 1:50.4 Clear Fast 2014-04-26
Kickback Paddywhack Stakes 9.0F GII 1:50.0 Cloudy Soft 2014-05-01
[C] King of the Hill 9.5F OL 2012-01-31
King of the Mountain Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-10-06
King's Run Sprint Stakes 7.0F GII 2014-05-13
Kitten's Joy Stakes 12.0F GII 2:24.6 Clear Good 2013-12-30
[LC] Ladies Classic Invitational, Fillies GIII 8.8 turf 8.8F GIII 1:46.2 Clear night Good 2017-01-29
[BC] Ladies Night Out Dash (Fillies Only) 8.0F All 2011-01-12
[BC] Lady's Secret Stakes (Fillies Only) 9.0F All 2015-08-02
[TT] Las Virgenes Stakes 8.0F All 2015-02-15
[TT] Las Virgenes Stakes 8.0F All 1:33.3 Rain Sloppy 2014-02-15
Last Fantasy Handicap 10.0F GIII 2016-04-14
Lava Man Handicap 10.0F GIII 2015-01-27
Lead Me Home Stakes 11.0F GIII 2015-07-04
Left Behind Stakes 10.0F GIII 2015-09-09
Let It Go Handicap 9.5F GIII 2016-03-23
Let Me In Handicap 7.0F GIII 2015-10-02
Let's Race Stakes 10.5F OL 2012-03-25
Little Bighorn Handicap 12.0F GIII 2014-07-19
Live Clean 10.0F OL 2015-07-29
Live Stock Dayz Sprint 6.0F OL 2012-02-21
Living Large Stakes 9.0F OL 2016-04-22
Lo and Behold Stakes 12.0F GIII 2014-10-23
Lock and Load Handicap 9.0F GIII 2014-05-31
Lockdown Handicap 10.0F GIII 2016-04-12
Lone Star Live Dash 11.0F GIII 2012-03-12
Lone Star Marathon 17.0F OL 2012-02-24
[AOC/NW] Lone Star Pick Up 12.0F OL 2016-04-05
Long and Short Of It Stakes 8.0F GIII 1:35.5 Clear Fast 2014-01-16
Long Goodbye Stakes 12.5F GIII 2:31.4 Cloudy Firm 2014-04-13
[MSW] Long Run 15.0F OL 2016-04-15
Lord Commander Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-11-04
Lord of Misrule Stakes 11.0F GIII 2:11.6 Clear Firm 2014-04-13
Lord of the Beach Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2014-08-06
Lord of the Mountain Stakes 11.0F OL 2014-11-19
[ME] Lord of the Turf 20.0F All 2012-03-14
Lord of Winter Stakes 7.0F GII 2015-02-17
Lords & Ladies Stakes 13.0F OL 2015-11-20
[BC] Lost in the Fog Stakes 7.0F All 2014-08-26
[BC] Lost in the Fog Stakes 7.0F All 2015-08-29
Love Cowboys Dash 12.0F OL 2012-02-21
[F] Love in the Air Distaff 9.0F GIII 2015-02-10
Love Math Stakes 8.5F OL 2012-08-26
Loveburn Handicap 8.0F GII 2015-10-23
Low Rider Handicap 8.5F OL 2015-10-12
Lumberjack Stakes 11.5F OL 2011-08-11
Lunar Eclipse Stakes 8.0F OL 2015-10-03
Macho Uno Stakes 8.5F GII 2015-10-02
Mad House Handicap 10.0F GII 2015-10-31
Main Sequence Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-01-19
Mammoth Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-06-03
[TC] Man O War Stakes 12.5F All 2011-04-28
[BC] Marathon 15.0F All 2014-10-25
[BC] Marathon 15.0F All 2015-11-01
[MSW] March 25 9.0F OL 2016-03-27
March 26 12.0F OL 2016-03-28
[ME] March Marathon 17.0F OL 2012-03-12
[F] Martha Washington Stakes 8.5F OL 2015-02-10
[F] Matron Stakes 8.0F GIII 2014-09-02
[MGC] Maxxam Gold Cup Inventational 10.0F GIII 2:01.8 Rainy Muddy/Yield 2017-03-04
[MGC] Maxxam Gold Cup Invitational Colts 12.0F All 2016-02-27
[MGC] Maxxam(MGC) Stakes 10.5F All 2015-02-26
[MSW] May 1 Maiden Special Weight 8.0F OL 1:34.4 Clear Firm 2014-05-01
[AOC/NW] May 1 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 8.0F OL 1:35.9 Clear Fast 2014-05-01
[MSW] May 13 Maiden Special Weight 7.0F OL 2015-05-13
[AOC/NW] May 13 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 9.0F OL 2014-05-13
[MSW] May 21 8.0F OL 2015-05-21
[MSW] May 24 7.0F OL 2015-04-26
[AOC/NW] May 24 9.0F OL 2015-05-24
[MSW] May 5 9.0F OL 2015-05-05
[AOC/NW] May 5 10.0F All 2015-05-05
[MSW] May 7 (70 and under) 8.0F All 2015-05-07
[LC] May Follower Stakes 10.0F All 2015-01-22
Melon Ball 10.0F OL 2016-04-20
[BC] Memories of Silver Stakes 9.0F All 2014-08-26
[BC] Memories of Silver Stakes 9.0F All 2015-09-29
Meteor Magic Handicap 10.0F GII 1:58.2 Cloudy Firm 2014-01-29
Metro Meteor Handicap 8.0F OL 2015-02-05
[BC] Mid Winter Ball Stakes 10.5F All 2011-01-12
[BC] Miesque Memorial Stakes 8.0F All 2014-09-08
[BC] Miesque Memorial Stakes 8.0F All 2015-09-12
Might and Sight Stakes 12.0F OL 2:32.6 Clear Fast 2014-01-15
Monkey See Money Do Handicap 10.0F OL 2015-08-18
Moonlight Stakes 12.0F GIII 2016-03-27
More Than Ready Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-10-23
Motivational Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-11-17
[F] Mrs. Claus Holiday Stakes 8.0F OL 2014-12-18
Mudders' Delight Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 1:10.0 Rain Sloppy 2014-01-06
Muggle Gold Cup 15.0F GIII 3:03.8 Clear Firm 2013-12-20
New Earth Handicap 12.0F OL 2015-09-15
New Year Bash Handicap 9.0F GIII 1:46.6 Clear Firm 2014-01-01
New Year Dash 8.0F All 2011-12-30
New Year Gold Cup 16.0F OL 2015-01-02
New Year's Mile Stakes 8.0F GIII 2015-01-04
New Years Bash Handicap 11.0F OL 2014-12-28
Night Escapades Stakes 8.0F OL 2015-01-12
No Way Out Sprint Stakes 6.0F GIII 2014-10-23
Noisome Sprint Stakes 6.0F GIII 1:12.0 Clear Fast 2014-01-01
[AOC/NW] Non Winners of 3 Dec 30 Allowance 8.0F OL 1:35.6 Clear Good 2013-12-30
[AOC/NW] Non Winners of 3 Jan 29 Allowance 9.0F OL 1:46.6 Clear Firm 2014-01-29
North Star Stakes 10.0F OL 2015-09-22
Northern Lights Handicap 15.0F GIII 2014-11-21
[MSW] Nov 14 Maiden Special Weight 7.0F OL 2014-11-15
[AOC/NW] Nov 14 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 8.5F OL 2014-11-15
[MSW] Nov 2 Maiden Special Weight 8.0F OL 2014-11-03
[AOC/NW] Nov 2 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 9.0F OL 2014-11-03
Now You Know Handicap 15.0F GIII 2015-11-12
Now You See Me Handicap 15.0F OL 2015-01-21
[WT:C] Nunavut Stakes 9.0F OL 2015-04-01
Ocean Heights Sprint Stakes 7.0F OL 2014-09-12
[MSW] Oct 23 Maiden Special Weight 8.5F OL 2014-10-24
[AOC/NW] Oct 23 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 10.0F OL 2014-10-24
[MSW] Oct 7 Maiden Special Weight 9.0F OL 2014-10-07
[AOC/NW] Oct 7 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 8.0F OL 2014-10-07
[MSW] October 3 9.0F OL 2015-10-03
Odds and Ends Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2014-12-05
Old Friends Stakes 8.0F GIII 2015-09-15
On Ice Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-10-15
[BC] Orfevre Handicap 12.0F All 2015-08-03
[BC] Orfevre Handicap 12.0F All 2014-08-02
[BC] Ouija Board Stakes 9.0F All 2014-08-10
[BC] Ouija Board Stakes 9.0F All 2015-08-16
Pallimpsest Stakes 8.0F GIII 2015-11-14
Paranormal Party Handicap 10.5F GIII 2015-06-29
Paranormal Witness Handicap 9.0F GII 2015-10-09
Pender Harbor Stakes 10.0F GII 2015-11-29
Permafrost Handicap 9.0F GIII 1:50.7 Clear Fast 2014-01-22
[BC] Personal Ensign Memorial Stakes 9.0F All 2015-07-19
[BC] Phalaris Stakes 7.0F All 2015-09-26
[BC] Pharalis Stakes 7.0F All 2014-10-23
Phoenix Stone Stakes 10.0F GIII 2016-04-11
Piltdown Sprint Stakes 7.5F GIII 2015-01-23
Pluto Kerfuffle Stakes 15.0F OL 3:05.4 Snow Soft 2015-01-29
Polar Vortex Handicap 10.0F OL 1:59.8 Snow Good 2014-01-18
[TC] Preakness Stakes 9.5F All 1:56.1 Raining Sloppy 2016-05-21
Preakness Stakes 9.5F All 2011-05-20
[TC] Preakness Stakes 9.5F All 1:59.3 Clear FAst 2014-05-11
Precisionist Handicap 6.0F GIII 2015-08-31
Queen and Country Stakes 9.0F GIII 2014-08-06
[F] Queen Anne's Oaks 9.0F OL 2014-11-03
[F] Queen Bee Stakes 9.0F GIII 1:50.2 Clear Fast 2014-04-13
[F] Queen Elizabeth Mile Stakes 8.0F GII 2015-02-10
Quick Brown Fox Stakes 6.0F GIII 2015-10-15
Quick Brown Fox Stakes 9.5F GIII 2015-01-23
Race Time Dash 11.0F OL 2012-03-25
Rain or Shine Sprint Stakes 7.0F OL 2014-06-23
Rainy Day Marathon 15.0F All 2015-01-11
Rainy Day Sprint 6.0F OL 2012-02-04
Rainy Day Sprint 6.0F OL 2015-01-09
Rainy Day Stakes 12.5F OL 2015-01-09
Ravnica Sprint Handicap 6.0F GIII 1:08.4 Clear Firm 2014-05-01
Razzle Dazzle Stakes 5.0F GIII 0:56.2 Cloudy Firm 2014-01-07
Ready For Spring Sprint 6.0F OL 2012-02-08
Ready or Not Stakes 10.0F OL 2:04.3 Clear Fast 2014-02-17
Real Quiet Stakes 7.0F GIII 2015-10-23
[TC] Rebel Stakes 8.5F All 1:43.6 Cloudy Fast 2014-01-17
[TC] Rebel Stakes 8.5F All 2015-01-17
Rebellion Handicap 9.0F GII 2014-09-17
Red Fox Handicap 12.5F GIII 2016-04-23
Regally Ready Stakes 7.0F OL 2014-10-07
[AOC/NW] RHA April 19 Under 75 7.0F GIII 2016-04-20
[BC] Ribot Handicap 15.0F All 2015-08-31
[MGC] Richard King Stakes 8.5F All 2015-01-31
[MGC] Richard King Stakes - 12.0f dirt, Colts only MGC prep 12.0F GIII 2:33.8 Clear Firm 2017-01-28
[MGC] Richard King Turf Stakes Colts 12.0F All 2016-01-21
Rising Tide Stakes 10.5F OL 2015-05-03
Riva Ridge Handicap 7.0F GIII 2015-01-27
Riverrun Handicap 10.0F GII 2014-05-13
[C] RKO Boys Night Out 9.0F OL 2015-01-16
RKO Champion Stakes 8.8F GII 2012-02-11
[F] RKO Cherryblossom Classic 10.0F All 2011-06-25
RKO Endurance Stakes 20.0F OL 2012-01-28
[AOC/NW] RKO Fools Run Under 70 Allowance 15.5F All 2016-03-30
RKO Fun Time Stakes 11.0F All 2011-07-08
[LC] RKO Girls Night Out 10.0F All 2015-01-16
[MSW] RKO Have Run for Fun 11.0F OL 2015-07-08
RKO Haven 65 and Under 14.0F OL 2015-01-14
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven 65 and Under Run Non-winner 10.0F All 2015-01-14
RKO Haven Boys Are Back 8.0F OL 2015-01-09
RKO Haven Champion Run 11.0F OL 2015-01-07
[F] RKO Haven Daisy Fun 9.0F GIII 2015-01-18
RKO Haven Derby 12.0F All 2011-03-25
[MSW] RKO Haven Derby Fun 8.0F All 2015-04-20
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Distance 65 and under 3 wins or less 16.0F All 2015-01-26
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Distance, allowance, 3 or less wins 16.0F All 2015-04-20
[MSW] RKO Haven Feb. 1, Maiden Special Weight - 7F Dirt 7.0F All 1:23.3 Cloudy Good 2017-02-03
RKO Haven Fun At the Farm 15.0F GIII 2015-01-18
[MSW] RKO Haven Fun Times - 8.5f Dirt, Maiden 64 and under 8.5F OL 1:44.1 Clear Firm 2017-01-28
RKO Haven GII 75 & Over Classic 8.0F GII 2015-06-25
[F] RKO Haven Happy Lady Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-01-09
RKO Haven Marathon 15.5F OL 2016-02-05
RKO Haven Marathon 16.0F OL 2012-08-26
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Marathon AL 12.0F All 2016-04-08
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Marathon AL 70 & Under 12.0F GIII 2016-04-08
RKO Haven Marathon Time 16.0F GIII 2015-01-09
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Marathon Under 60 less than 3 win 16.0F All 2015-01-12
[MSW] RKO Haven New Year Sprint 7.0F OL 2015-01-05
RKO Haven Race 11.0F All 2011-02-10
[C] RKO Haven Ready for Fun 10.0F GIII 2015-01-18
RKO Haven Spring Fling 12.0F OL 2012-02-08
RKO Haven Spring Sprint 7.0F All 2011-05-04
RKO Haven Sprint 7.0F All 2011-06-12
RKO Haven Sprint 7.0F All 2011-06-06
[MSW] RKO Haven Sprint 6.0F OL 2015-01-26
RKO Haven Sprint 6.0F OL 2015-04-11
RKO Haven Sprint 6.0F OL 2015-05-08
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Sprint 70 and Under 3 wins or less 6.0F All 2015-02-22
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Sprint OL 1 win or less Allowance 6.0F OL 2016-04-07
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Sprint Under 65 7.0F All 2015-01-12
RKO Haven Stakes 8.0F OL 2016-01-16
RKO Haven Stakes 8.5F GIII 2012-02-08
[MSW] RKO Haven Stakes 8.5F All 2015-01-26
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Stakes Allowance 8.5F OL 2016-02-02
[AOC/NW] RKO Haven Stakes Under 60 12.0F OL 2015-01-12
RKO Haven Summer Start Marathon 16.0F OL 2015-06-10
RKO Haven Summer Start Sprint 6.0F OL 2015-06-10
[MSW] RKO Haven Summer Start Stakes 65 & Under 8.0F OL 2015-06-10
[C] RKO Kings Stakes 15.5F OL 2012-02-19
RKO Lets Boogie Run 13.0F OL 2015-01-16
RKO Long Haul Dash 17.0F All 2011-07-21
RKO Marathon 15.5F OL 3:17.7 Cloudy Fast 2010-12-15
[TT] RKO Oaks 8.5F OL 2012-02-19
RKO Sprint to Win 7.0F OL 2012-03-25
RKO Sprint to Win 7.0F OL 2012-03-25
RKO Stakes 8.0F OL 2016-01-26
RKO Stallion Classic 15.0F All 2011-06-25
RKO Summer Time Sprint 6.0F All 2011-07-22
[MSW] RKO Texas Two Step 12.0F OL 2016-01-19
RKO Winter Sprint 8.0F OL 2011-11-21
Road Less Travelled 9.0F GIII 2016-03-16
Road to the Derby Handicap 10.5F OL 2015-01-02
Roadtrip Handicap 10.0F GIII 2014-06-20
Rock Around The Tree Dash 10.5F All 2011-11-29
Rockin Robin Stakes 12.5F OL 2011-01-15
Rockin Robin Stakes 11.0F OL 2012-02-08
Rodeo Time Stakes 10.0F GIII 2012-02-23
Rough n Tumble Stakes 9.0F GIII 2014-08-15
[BC] Round Table Memorial Stakes 13.0F All 2014-08-10
[BC] Round Table Memorial Stakes 13.0F All 2015-08-16
Round The Bend Handicap 12.5F OL 2:31.3 Clear Firm 2014-03-13
Round the Bend Stakes 9.0F GIII 2015-08-26
Royalty Stakes 7.0F OL 2016-04-24
[TC] Ruffian Stakes 8.0F All 2011-05-01
Run for Fun Dash 10.0F OL 2012-01-28
Run For Fun Stakes 7.0F All 2011-06-04
Run For Saratoga Stakes 5.0F GII 2014-06-20
[TC] Run for the Gold 11.0F All 2011-05-12
Running Roses Stakes 8.0F GIII 2016-03-22
[F] Ruthless Handicap 8.5F GIII 2015-01-12
Sacked By Snow Stakes 7.0F OL 2014-11-19
[BC] Sadlers Wells Handicap 15.0F All 2014-08-17
[BC] Sadlers Wells Handicap 15.0F All 2015-09-23
Saints Alive Stakes 7.5F OL 1:28.6 Cloudy Good 2014-05-01
Salsa Two Step Handicap 10.5F GIII 2016-04-09
[LC] Sam Houston Opening Day 8.0F All 2016-01-17
[MGC] Sam Houston Opening Day Colts 8.0F All 2016-01-17
Sam Houston Opening Day Sprint 6.0F OL 2015-01-14
[MGC] Sam Houston Opening Day, 7.0f Dirt - Colts -MGC prep. 7.0F GIII 1:23.4 Rainy Fast 2017-01-13
[LC] Sam Houston Opening Day, 7.0f turf - Fillies - LC prep. 7.0F GIII 1:22.0 Rainy Fast 2017-01-13
Sample Run 12.0F OL 2016-04-15
[TC] San Felipe Stakes 8.5F All 2015-01-31
[TC] San Felipe Stakes 8.5F All 1:44.5 Clear Fast 2014-02-01
[BC] San Jacinto Stakes 12.5F All 2012-02-12
[LC] San Jacinto Stakes - 9.0f turf, Fillies only LC prep 9.0F GIII 1:47.7 Cloudy Good 2017-01-19
[LC] San Jacinto Turf Stakes 12.0F All 2016-01-19
[TC] Santa Anita Derby 9.0F All 1:51.5 Cloudy Fast 2014-03-31
[BC] Santa Express Stakes 16.0F All 2011-12-09
Santa's Helper Sprint 8.0F GIII 2011-12-19
Save The Queen Distaff 10.0F GIII 2014-06-23
Scaredy Cat Stakes 13.0F OL 2015-09-08
Sea Isle Stakes 12.0F GII 2014-12-18
Sea The Stars Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-09-28
[C] Seabiscuit Stakes 9.0F All 2011-03-31
[TC] Secretariat Dash 8.0F All 2011-04-12
See Those Seas Stakes 12.5F OL 2:32.3 Clear Firm 2013-12-30
Seeing Stars Handicap 9.0F GII 2016-03-25
Seeing Stars Handicap 12.0F GIII 2014-09-17
Seize The Day Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-07-24
Self Destruct Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-10-02
[MSW] Sept 11 Maiden Special Weight 9.0F OL 2014-09-11
[AOC/NW] Sept 11 Non Winners of 3 Allowance 12.0F OL 2014-09-11
[MSW] September 1 9.0F OL 2015-09-01
[MSW] September 10 10.0F OL 2015-09-15
[MSW] September 15 12.0F OL 2015-09-15
[MSW] September 19 9.0F OL 2015-09-22
[MSW] September 22 8.0F OL 2015-09-22
[MSW] September 27 9.0F OL 2015-09-27
[MSW] September 30 8.0F OL 2015-09-30
[MSW] September 8 9.0F OL 2015-09-08
September Samba Handicap 12.0F GIII 2014-09-02
Serengeti Song Stakes 9.0F OL 1:47.5 Clear Yielding 2014-04-13
[BC] Shackleford Handicap 8.0F All 2014-09-15
[BC] Shackleford Handicap 8.0F All 2015-09-18
Shadowrun Handicap 10.5F GIII 2015-09-25
Sharp as Knives Stakes 9.5F GIII 2015-10-08
Shazam Sprint Stakes 6.0F GII 2014-11-19
[WT:UAE] Sheema Classic 12.0F GIII 2015-07-08
[BC] Shergar Memorial Stakes 11.0F All 2015-07-18
[BC] Shergar Memorial Stakes 11.0F All 2014-07-12
Shore Points Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2014-05-17
Show and Tell Handicap 10.5F GIII 2014-05-01
Silver Spur Stakes 8.0F OL 2012-02-24
[TT] Silverbulletday Stakes 8.0F All 1:40.5 Cloudy Fast 2014-01-17
[TT] Silverbulletday Stakes 8.0F All 2015-01-17
Sink or Swim Stakes 12.0F GIII 2015-08-27
Six Step Sprint Stakes 6.0F GIII 2015-09-09
Skip To My Loo Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-09-11
Skips and Quips Stakes 9.0F GIII 1:46.1 Clear Firm 2014-02-02
Sleighbells Handicap 10.5F GIII 2:10.3 Clear Fast 2013-12-20
Slow and Steady Handicap 9.0F GIII 1:46.5 Clear Firm 2014-03-13
Slow Burn Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-09-05
Smarty Jones Stakes 8.5F GIII 2014-09-02
Snow and Ice Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2015-01-07
Snow Way Sprint Stakes 7.0F GIII 1:22.2 Clear Good 2014-01-22
Snowmaggedon Handicap 15.0F OL 3:05.0 Rain Soft 2014-01-07
Snowpolcaypse Blues Stakes 10.0F OL 2015-02-17
Socket & Clink Stakes 9.0F OL 2016-04-20
Son of Polar Vortex Handicap 15.0F OL 2015-02-05
[F] Sordid Affair Stakes 10.0F GIII 2014-11-19
[F] Sordid Affair Stakes 10.0F GIII 2014-11-19
Sore Loser Handicap 10.0F GII 2:04.1 Clear Fast 2014-01-07
Sore Loser Handicap - Completed!, 12 Furlongs Turf 12.0F OL 2015-03-06
Sort It Out Handicap 12.0F GIII 2015-09-17
[LC] Space City Stakes - 8.0f turf, Fillies only - LC prep 8.0F GIII 1:35.1 Cloudy Muddy/Yield 2017-01-25
[BC] Spectacular Bid Stakes 10.0F All 2015-07-26
Speed Demon Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2014-06-15
Speed Demon Stakes 9.0F GIII 2015-08-27
Speed To Spare Stakes 7.0F GIII 2014-09-02
[MGC] Spirit Of Texas Stakes 6.0F All 2015-01-23
[MGC] Spirit Of Texas Stakes - 10.5f dirt, MGC prep. Colts 10.5F GIII 2:14.1 Cloudy Good 2017-01-19
[MGC] Spirit Of Texas StakesvColts 10.0F All 2016-01-23
Spooky Kooks Handicap 9.0F OL 2014-10-07
Spring Equinox Sprint Stakes 7.0F OL 1:23.0 Rain Good 2014-04-13
Spring Fling Sprint 6.0F OL 2011-01-15
Spring Flowers Dash 8.0F OL 2012-02-06
Spring Flowers Sprint 6.0F OL 2012-01-28
Spring Flowers Sprint Handicap 6.0F OL 1:08.9 Clear Firm 2014-03-13
[BC] Sprint 7.0F All 2014-10-25
Sprinter Love 8.0F GIII 2012-03-25
[TC] SS Belmont Stakes 10.5F All 2011-06-15
St Leger Gold Cup 16.0F GIII 3:16.3 Clear Firm 2014-03-13
[WT:UK] St Leger Stakes 13.0F GIII 2:40.3 Cloudy Good 2016-06-15
Stand and Deliver Stakes 8.0F GII 2016-03-27
[MGC] Star of Texas Stakes 8.5F All 2015-01-18
[LC] Star Of Texas Stakes - 12.0 turf, Fillies only LC prep 12.0F GIII 2:32.8 Cloudy Soft 2017-01-19
[MGC] Star Of Texas Stakes Colts 9.0F All 2016-01-21
Stars Align Sprint Stakes 7.0F GIII 2015-09-28
[F] Stars and Garters Stakes 9.0F GIII 1:47.0 Rain Soft 2014-01-07
Stars and Stripes Handicap 8.0F GIII 2015-07-08
[F] Starstruck Oaks 8.5F OL 2014-08-06
Start To Finish Stakes 7.0F GIII 2014-11-07
Steamroller Stakes 10.0F GII 2016-03-18
Sticks and Stones Handicap 9.0F OL 1:48.5 Cloudy Sloppy 2014-01-29
Storm Warning Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 2015-01-21
Storm's A' Coming Stakes 9.5F OL 2:00.4 Clear Fast 2014-01-15
Storms A Plenty Stakes 6.0F OL 1:09.6 Rain Soft 2014-02-17
Stormy Knights Stakes 12.0F GIII 2014-05-31
Stormy Weather Dash 6.0F OL 2012-01-25
Story of my Life Handicap 10.0F GIII 2015-12-28
Summer Fever Handicap 8.0F GIII 1:40.0 Clear Fast 2014-04-13
Summer Front Stakes 11.5F OL 2015-05-24
Summer Marathon 17.0F OL 2012-08-01
Summer Solstice Handicap 10.0F OL 2014-06-23
Summer's Lament Sprint Stakes 6.0F GIII 2014-08-15
[F] Summertime Oaks 9.0F OL 2015-06-23
Sun and Mud Handicap 10.0F OL 2014-09-12
Sunny Stakes 9.0F OL 2011-01-17
Sunshine Derby 10.0F GIII 2012-02-04
Super Derby 9.5F OL 2014-08-06
Super Saturday Sprint Stakes 7.0F GIII 2014-05-31
Sweet Amber Stakes 10.0F GII 2015-06-25
Sweet Nothings Stakes 6.0F GIII 2015-02-05
Swing & Sway Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-11-21
Swing and Sway Sprint Stakes 6.0F GII 1:08.4 Clear Firm 2014-01-29
Swing and Sway Stakes 12.5F OL 2014-10-07
Sycorax Handicap 11.0F OL Unknown
Sympathy for the Devil Stakes 9.0F GIII 2015-12-10
[MSW] Taco Taco 6.0F OL 2016-04-16
Tailspin Handicap 10.5F OL 2015-01-12
Texas Autum Stakes 10.5F GIII 2012-08-26
Texas Classic Stakes 8.0F All 2014-02-13
[MGC] Texas Gold Stakes Colts only 10.0F All 2016-01-31
[LC] Texas Holdum Fillys 10.0F All 2016-01-21
[LC] Texas Ladies Classic Inventational Fillys 8.8F All 2016-01-30
[LC] Texas Ladies Night Out 8.0F All 2016-01-21
[MGC] Texas Round Up 8.5F All 2015-02-08
[MGC] Texas Round Up Colts only 8.0F All 2016-01-23
Texas Spring Sprint 6.0F OL 2012-02-12
[MGC] Texas Star Stakes Colts 10.5F All 2016-02-01
Texas Summer Fun Dash 8.0F OL 2012-08-01
Texas Twister Stakes 10.5F GII 2012-02-06
The Brave and the Bold Stakes 12.0F OL 2014-08-06
The Long Haul Stakes 15.0F GIII 2015-02-09
The Meadow Stakes 13.0F GIII 2015-01-27
The Tin Man Handicap 12.0F OL 2015-05-05
This Is Gospel 9.0F GIII 2016-05-01
Three's A Crowd Handicap 15.0F GIII 3:04.8 Cloudy Good 2014-02-17
Thunder Rumble Handicap 9.5F OL 2015-02-07
Tick Tock Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-10-18
Tiki Tavi Stakes 6.0F GIII 2015-10-30
[BC] Tiznow Handicap 9.0F All 2015-07-19
To The North Handicap 15.0F OL 2015-02-01
To The Swift Stakes 11.5F OL 2015-02-05
[MSW] Toffee Nut 6.0F OL 2016-04-14
Together Forward Handicap 9.0F GII 2016-03-18
Toil and Trouble Handicap 12.0F OL 2015-02-17
Too Fast Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-10-04
Too Fast To Catch Stakes 7.0F GII 2014-11-03
Tools of Destruction Stakes 8.0F GIII 2016-04-15
Tooth and Claw Stakes 9.5F OL 2015-09-15
[WT:C] Toronto Cup 9.0F OL 2015-05-24
[F] Tudor Rose Distaff 8.0F GIII 2014-11-03
[BC] Turf 12.0F All 2014-10-25
[BC] Turf 12.0F All 2015-11-01
[BC] Turf Mile 8.0F All 2014-10-25
[BC] Turf Mile 8.0F All 2015-11-01
Turf Paradise Sprint Stakes 6.0F OL 1:09.4 Cloudy Yielding 2013-12-30
[BC] Turf Sprint 7.0F All 2014-10-25
[BC] Turf Sprint 7.0F All 2015-11-01
Two By Night Handicap 12.0F GII 2015-03-06
Two Minutes to Midnight Stakes 10.0F OL 2015-10-25
[WT:UK] UK Classic Dirt Qualifier 10.0F All 2:00.6 Raining Sloppy 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Distaff Classic 9.0F All 1:50.4 Sunny Fast 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Juvenile Dirt Mile Qualifier 8.0F All 1:37.1 Sunny Fast 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Juvenile Females Qualifier 9.0F All 2016-06-07
[WT:UK] UK Juvenile Males Qualifier 10.0F All 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Juvenile Marathon Qualifier 15.0F All 3:05.2 Clear Fast 2016-06-06
[WT:UK] UK Juvenile Turf Mile Qualifier 8.0F All 1:33.4 Clear Firm 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Juvenile Turf Qualifier 12.0F All 2:24.2 Clear Firm 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Mile Dirt Qualifier 8.0F All 1:36.1 Cloudy Firm 2016-06-06
[WT:UK] UK Mile Turf Qualifier 8.0F All 1:35.3 Cloudy Firm 2016-06-06
[WT:UK] UK Sprint Qualifier 6.0F All 1:11.6 Clear Fast 2016-06-09
[WT:UK] UK Turf Classic Qualifier 12.0F All 2:23.8 Sunny Firm 2016-06-09
Uncharted Handicap 9.0F GIII 2016-04-13
Underground Handicap 11.0F GIII 2015-11-19
Uninvited Guests Handicap 12.0F GII 2016-03-18
Unobtainium Stakes 12.0F GII 2015-11-21
[F] Untapable Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-01-19
Unzip Me Stakes 6.0F GIII 1:11.8 Clear Fast 2014-02-02
Up With the Birds Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-07-27
Up, Up and Away Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-11-16
[WT:US] USA Classic Dirt Qualifier 10.0F All 2:03.7 Sunny Fast 2016-05-20
[WT:US] USA Distaff Classic Qualifier (Fillies Only) 9.0F All 1:48.8 Clear Good 2016-05-21
[WT:US] USA Juvenile Dirt Mile Qualifier 8.0F All 1:36.4 Clear Fast 2016-05-21
[WT:US] USA Juvenile Females Qualifier 9.0F All Snow 2016-05-19
[WT:US] USA Juvenile Males Qualifier 10.0F All Sunny 2016-05-19
[WT:US] USA Juvenile Marathon Qualifier 15.0F All 3:05.1 Rain Muddy 2016-05-21
[WT:US] USA Juvenile Turf Mile Qualifer 8.0F All 1:33.1 Clear Firm 2016-05-21
[WT:US] USA Juvenile Turf Qualifer 12.0F All 2:24.4 Clear Good 2016-05-21
[WT:US] USA Mile Dirt Qualifer 8.0F All 1:35.3 Clear Fast 2016-05-20
[WT:US] USA Mile Turf Qualifier 8.0F All 1:33.6 Rain Muddy 2016-05-20
[WT:US] USA Sprint Qualifier 6.0F All 1:11.3 Clear Fast 2016-05-21
[LC] Utility Sprint 15.0F All 2015-01-20
Volcanic Stakes 9.0F GII 2015-11-12
Wake Me Up Stakes 9.5F GIII 2016-04-13
Walk the Dog Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-09-30
War Front Stakes 10.0F GII 2015-11-14
Warbler Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-05-22
Washoe Club Handicap 9.0F OL 2015-09-05
Westminster Hullabaloo Stakes 9.0F GII 2015-02-17
Where Are You Now 10.0F GIII 2016-04-23
Whirlwind Tour Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-06-27
White Collar Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-11-01
Whitewalker Handicap 6.0F GII 1:11.5 Clear Fast 2014-05-01
[MSW] Wildlife 12.0F OL 2016-04-14
Williamstown Stakes 13.0F GIII 2015-09-09
Winds of Winter Stakes 10.0F GIII 2:05.4 Cloudy Fast 2014-01-07
Winsome Handicap 8.0F GIII 2016-03-18
Winter Blues Sprint Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-02-01
Winter Cheer Stakes 12.0F OL 2012-01-28
Winter Is Here Handicap 11.0F OL 2:12.9 Rain Soft 2014-01-04
Winter Misery Mile 8.0F GII 2015-03-06
Winter of Discontent Handicap 9.0F GIII 2015-02-09
Winter Showers Stakes 12.0F OL 2015-11-09
Winter Squall Sprint Stakes 7.0F GIII 2014-12-11
Winter Storm Warning Stakes 7.0F OL 2015-02-17
Winter's Dominion Handicap 15.0F GIII 2014-12-11
Winter's Fury Stakes 8.0F OL 2015-01-27
Winterfell Stakes 11.0F GIII 2014-11-21
Wonder Of Summer 11.0F GIII 2011-06-09
[TC] Wood Memorial 9.0F All 1:51.3 Clear Fast 2014-04-13
[TC] Wood Memorial 9.0F All 2016-04-16
[WT:C] Woodbine Racetrack 8.0F OL 2015-05-26
Work All Week Handicap 6.0F GIII 2015-01-19
[BC] Yeats Stakes 15.0F All 2014-08-26
[LC] Yellow Rose of Texas Stakes 6.0F All 2015-01-19
[LC] Yellow Rose Stakes 9.0F All 2016-01-19
[LC] Yellow Rose Stakes - 7.0f turf, Fillies only LC 7.0F GIII 1:23.0 Cloudy Sost 2017-01-15
[DWC] Zabeel Mile 8.0F GIII TBA
Zero Chance Stakes 9.0F OL 2014-11-03