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  • 14Jun16: Added placings graph to stall pages.
  • 7Jun16: Added icons to stall entries table. Slowly working on adding graphs to the stall pages to visualize win ratios of each horse.
  • 28May16: Started stable pages. Stall pages now show extended ancestory and descendents.
  • 17May16: Finished adding new fields to races and entries.
  • 11May16: Down for development! Adding new features.
  • 9May16: Race filters are finished. Stalls now show race entries in a data table for easier sorting/searchiing.
  • 30Apr16: Banner background image by FearowAdded delete option on forms.
  • 21Apr16: Table filters are work in progress.
  • 19Apr16: Back up and running :]
  • 16Apr16: DOWN FOR MAINTANCE. Reworking database.
  • 13Apr16: Added Neco's racing guides with her permission.
  • 13Apr16: Added users and lineages lists. User permissions changed.
  • 12Apr16: Begining implmentation of users. Beware development bugs! On-going website construction.

Featured Horse

featured horse Sovenance
Did your horse win a celebrated race? Want to show off your horse? Submit your horse to be featured on the front page. Submissions must include both an edited photo of your horse and a short bio/description of achievement.